Can do more. Does it better.

The Fendt 900 Vario has been the leader on the tractor market for large-scale farms and contracting businesses since 1995. With a maximum output of 390 hp, the new 900 Vario can now do more and does it a lot easier, thanks to intelligent technology. Benefit from the leading high-horsepower tractor and invest in the new Fendt 900 Vario.
927 Vario270 hp199 kW
930 Vario300 hp221 kW
933 Vario330 hp243 kW
936 Vario360 hp265 kW
939 Vario390 hp287 kW

*Maximum output to ECE R24

Trennlinie: Fendt Efficient Technology

Fendt Efficient Technology

The best of the best Fendt machines are given the Fendt Efficient Technology label. They allow professional farmers to achieve MORE from LESS – more output using less resources such as fuel, inputs or time. The 900 Vario achieves this with equipment options such as the VarioGuide guidance system, SectionControl, the AgCommand™ telemetry system or the VarioDoc documentation system. The outstanding fuel economy of a Fendt goes without saying.

Does it better.

Fundamental innovations have found their way into the 900 Vario, ones that further improve the efficiency of the tractor series. The primary innovation is the combination of new engine technologies with the optimised continuously variable Vario transmission – here the best of the best come together. Lively handling through more dynamics, a higher speed torque and improved power availability. At the same time, intelligent solutions ensure low consumption of both fuel and AdBlue.

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Does more.

Next to economy, comfort and safety also have a high priority. To take a leading position here, the 900 Vario has ground-breaking technical advantages. A front windscreen made of laminated safety glass, a 300° field of vision with a new windscreen wiper or the LED headlamps with headlamp levelling are only some examples of features that increase safety. ABS and the Fendt Stability Control (FSC) system ensure extremely stable handling in all situations.

Trennlinie: Spotlights

Fendt Spotlights

Fendt Spotlights. Notable. Better.

A holistic approach, and therefore the perfect coordination of all the components in the tractor, is what makes the overall Fendt difference. A Fendt is notable, because it has been designed down to the very last detail by Fendt engineers, who also have an eye on the whole.

This results in solutions that are not obvious at the first glance, but are decisive in operation, so that you can do more.
Look for the Fendt Spotlights – the notable and better solutions – and discover what makes a Fendt a Fendt.

Fendt Spotlights. Discover them now.

Discover the special Fendt solutions on the Fendt tractor now. Click your way through and discover what makes a Fendt a Fendt.

Engine and transmission

Vehicle body


x5 cab


Mounting areas

Engine and transmission: Constantly achieve more

Fuel filter for a sure start

When the temperatures outside are icy, the fuel pre-filter guides the pre-heated fuel directly back for injection and not to the tank, until the diesel has reached an adequate temperature. The injection process therefore always runs reliably.

Steel pistons

The cylinder pistons on the 900 Vario are made of durable steel. They are highly stable and have a long lifetime.

Vehicle body: Can do it faster. Does more.


The ABS module measures the speed on each individual wheel using four speed sensors. If the speed on one wheel is too slow, the ABS automatically opens the corresponding brake to prevent the wheel from locking. Since the wheels on tractors have a high inertia, due to their size and weight, the ABS module also communicates with the tractor control unit. The control unit can then drive the affected wheel via the Vario transmission, if opening the brake is not enough to maintain the required speed. Both front wheels are controlled together to maintain the stability of the 900 Vario, even if there are different surfaces under each wheel. The rear wheels are controlled individually by the ABS module.


In off-road mode, a special braking concept is enabled for driving on loose surfaces. Here the ABS system allows the wheels to block where needed, for example, to guarantee safe braking when driving downhill on gravel.

VarioGrip Bedienung

Operation of the tyre pressure regulation system is integrated in the overall vehicle concept. Using the Varioterminal, the tyre pressure of the tractor can be controlled with just a push of a button. The assistance system informs drivers about too low or too high tyre pressure.

Lighting: See more.

Coming home light and entry step light

Get back home safely: The light range of the LED headlights can be adapted to the situation at hand, for example for driving on the road. The integrated coming home light permits operators to climb down from the tractor safely, even in the dark. The headlights continue to shine a while longer after the tractor is switched off.

The entry steps on the 900 Vario have practical lights. They are positioned on the tank so that the steps are perfectly illuminated and drivers can climb in and out safely.

Easy and clear operation

The lighting is easily set and adjusted thanks to its straightforward layout. With the smart one-button system, all previously set work lights can be switched on easily and quickly with just one touch of a button in the membrane keypad.

The Fendt x5 cab: Details that are a pleasure.

Best visibility thanks to narrow bonnet

The 900 Vario has been trimmed for an optimal overview. The bonnet has been kept as narrow as possible, so drivers have an excellent view to the wheel arches and front-mounted implements.

More visibility

The new wiper offers a 300° field of vision To keep the view to the wheel arches and the front-mounted implement free when it rains, the wiper field has been nearly doubled and reaches all the way down to the bonnet. The windscreen wiper can be adjusted ideally with the intermittent wipe function.

More safety

A special feature of a Fendt tractor is the bonded front windscreen. It is not visible from the outside, but none the less a benefit for you, because it increases the stability of the window and provides a reliable seal. For even greater comfort and safety, a heated front windscreen made of laminated safety glass is also available.

Optimised interior lighting

The interior lighting in the 900 Vario is perfectly designed for the important areas. No matter the time, the most important operating elements are always well illuminated. The intensity of the lighting is automatically control via a light sensor, dependent on the light conditions.

The perfect workplace

The armrest is attached to the seat, which makes it very practical and comfortable for operators. The armrest moves together with the seat. Operators lean their arm on the armrest, where they can conveniently control operations.


Numerous sockets, for example the four 12 Volt sockets, are available for external current consumers.

Phone bracket

A bracket keeps mobile phones their own fixed spot. The bracket can be adjusted to accommodate various phone models.

Integral cable lead-through

Fendt offers a clever solution for cables that run from the rear of the tractor into the cab. Cables can be guided through the lead-through, no matter what kind of cross section they have. The rear window can be closed, so dust, dirt, water and noise stay outside.

Many storage options

In a Fendt cab you will find many different stowage spaces and compartments, so that everything has its place.

Many storage options

Important papers, such as the operating manual, can be stored securely and well protected in the document case.

External cool box

Refreshments for a long work day find their place in the large external cool box. The cool box can also keep meals warm, if necessary.

Cooling compartment

There is space for a meal and a cool drink in the air-conditioned cooling compartment.

Fendt Variotronic: The leading edge through integration.

Varioterminal 10.4-B

You can easily change menu settings in the Varioterminal by either touching the screen or pushing the navigation buttons. You can navigate through the menus using either the keys or the touchscreen.

Varioterminal individually adjustable

The position and tilt of the Varioterminal can be adjusted as desired. A ball-head joint in the bracket permits the terminal to be pivoted in all directions. The operator always has an optimal view to the terminal.

Varioterminal individually adjustable

Up to four applications can be displayed in the monitor of the Varioterminal. The screen assignment key allows operators to freely select the screen layout. The home key is practical. You can always call up the last state of the display with the touch of a button.

Joystick button assignment

The functions for the implement control and headland management can be assigned to the multifunction lever as needed. Operators can find the perfect operating ergonomics for the operation at hand. In combination with the VarioGuide automated steering system, VariotronicTI automatic enables automatic activation of sequences at the headland.

SectionControl operation

The controls for SectionControl integrated in the Varioterminal are simple and easy to understand. They are straightforward and clear.

Edit offline

To optimise the progression of the steps, these can be created at a standstill, so there is no rush. If necessary, operators can adjust and optimise the operating sequence while working.

Customisable joystick buttons

It is practical that four sequences of the headland management can be activated with the joystick – two when driving into the track and two when driving out.

Front and rear linkage automatic mode

The easiest, but very helpful automated function, is automated control for the front and rear linkage and the PTO automatic mode using the “clover leaf” on the multi-function joystick. These can be activated with the Go and End keys without having to program the headland management beforehand.

Mounting areas: Has more interfaces.

A number of connections are available at the front and rear:

Practical: Cotter pins are secured to the lower link and cannot be lost.

External controls / PTO automatic

The Fendt Vario have external controls for the linkage and rear PTO. Rear implements are easy to mount. The engine speed can be increased via the rear PTO automatic and the desired PTO speed can be targeted. You save yourself unnecessary steps, for example, when starting the suction for the slurry tank.

Double-sided connect-under-pressure couplings;

Through the DCUP couplings, the hydraulic valves can be coupled under pressure on both sides; mounting and removing implements is easy. The self-closing valve flaps offer secure protection against contamination through dirt or water.

Trennlinie: Overall profitability

Overall profitability - Leaders drive Fendt

Overall profitability distinguishes the entire product line of the premium brand Fendt. The efficiency of the products guarantees the best cost-effectiveness per hectare. In combination with the extremely high retention of value of a Fendt, you also get an unbeatable resale value at the end of your tractor’s service life. As a trendsetter, Fendt continually sets important new standards and installs technology that continues to be in demand in the future. Add to that the high quality, which stands for operational reliability and a long life. The total is a retention of value that only Fendt can offer you.

Certified quality

We achieve a constant, excellent premium quality through first-class workmanship and use high-grade materials for all components. In the development phase, the tractors undergo comprehensive testing, with up to 10,000 engine hours under the toughest conditions, to thoroughly test the durability of components. In series production, Fendt relies on comprehensive testing processes to ensure that each individual tractor leaves the factory with the highest quality.

  • Certified quality

    We achieve a constant, excellent premium quality through first-class workmanship and use high-grade materials for all components. In the development phase, the tractors undergo comprehensive testing, with up to 10,000 engine hours under the toughest conditions, to thoroughly test the durability of components. In series production, Fendt relies on comprehensive testing processes to ensure that each individual tractor leaves the factory with the highest quality.

  • More freedom for investments

    Tailor-made financing from AGCO FINANCE and the customised service package: A custom financing package with attractive conditions and flexible terms offers you an ideal opportunity to match your investment to the needs of your farm or business. With a Fendt Service Package, you also have servicing and repair costs under control. When purchasing your tractor, you can already plan the prescribed service work based on attractive fixed prices – with the Service or comprehensive ProService package.

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  • Efficiency – for our customers’ success

    Efficiency is the recipe for successful financial management in agriculture. We make no compromises when it comes to efficiency, because our objective is to be the leader for cost-effectiveness per hectare and kilometre. The very best technology is just good enough here, for example, as is found in our tractors: the highly efficient Vario drive train and the fuel-saving SCR technology in combination with TMS.

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  • We offer more – join us!

    Fendt not only offers high-quality products with cutting-edge technology, but also assists you in getting the most out of your Vario. With the help of our Fendt driver training Fendt Expert, you can further optimise profitability and learn to make all the settings and adjustments to drive at an absolute optimum in different operations.

Trennlinie: Awards


Tested efficiency

Fendt stands for efficiency and low fuel consumption. The best proof for that is the practice-oriented DLG PowerMix test. With a fuel consumption of 240 g/kWh*, the 936 Vario from the predecessor series sets the benchmark with the lowest fuel consumption ever measured. That is the current world record. And that was the benchmark to improve on for the new series.
*DLG PowerMix (11/2011), plus AdBlue consumption amounting to 8.6% of the diesel consumption

Best Seller Award in Italy

At the Fieragricola 2016, Fendt won the Best Seller Award 2015 in the category “Tractor 270 hp and higher” with its Fendt 939 Vario tractor.

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Awards for Fendt VarioGrip Pro

Silver Medal for VarioGrip Pro at the FIMA. The Fendt 900 Vario received a silver medal in Spain for its new tyre pressure regulation system.

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Golden Ear at the Agribex in Belgium

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Gold Medal at the Agrotechnik in Norway

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Fendt VarioGrip Pro

With the new tyre pressure regulation system VarioGrip Pro, Fendt now offers unique benefits in productivity. The new system permits changing from 0.8 bar (field work) to 1.8 bar in only 30 seconds. With this, Fendt meets customer requests for faster filling times to save time and costs while permitting flexible and quickly changing operations. The new system will be available at the end of 2016 as an option for the Fendt 900 Vario with tyre size 710/75R42 and is therefore ideal for all contracting businesses and large agricultural enterprises.

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Best in Test Variotronic

“Fendt has succeeded in clearly arranging a large number of functions on the armrest. The monitor sets standards with its menu navigation.”, topagrar tractor comparison “Operating Concepts” 01/2011, tested on an 828 Vario.

Silver Medal for the load relief front linkage control

The load relief front linkage control received a silver medal at the Agritechnica 2011. The reason behind the award is that “while driving, the bearing pressure of contour-hugging implements (e.g. mulcher, mower or snow plough) can be adjusted from the driver seat using the terminal. A position sensor on the front linkage actively detects uneven ground immediately and adapts the relief pressure automatically. The implement dynamically follows the changing ground contours while maintaining a constant bearing pressure.”

Silver medal for VarioGrip

At the Agritechnica 2009, the tyre pressure regulation system VarioGrip received the silver medal. A neutral panel of experts brought together by the DLG selected the best innovations from over 300 submissions according to the strictest criteria.