You can always rely on your family. Just like on the next generation of the Fendt E-Series. These redesigned combines are equipped with the tried and tested components found in the bigger ranges and are therefore used to working hard. Robust, reliable and efficient, they guarantee high seasonal performance when it is needed the most. That makes it an assistant you won’t want to do without, especially on family-run farms.

5225 E218 hp160 kW

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All Fendt combines in the mid-sized class as well as the hybrid and 8-straw walker models in the high-horsepower class, which are distributed in Europe, are produced in the factory in Breganze, Italy. The ultra-modern facility covers 220,000 m2, more than 400 people are employed there.

Take a virtual tour of the combine harvester plant at Breganze.

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Harvest Promise

Trennlinie: Harvest Promise

Because during harvest time, it is important to have a partner you can count on. That is why we give you our harvest promise: We will do everything to ensure your harvest is up and running:

  • We react quickly, because our Fendt dealers keep replacement parts for your Fendt combine in stock.
  • Just to make sure you really believe us, we will reimburse the costs for a replacement machine, if crucial replacement parts are not available within 24 hours.

All in all, simply Fendt.

  • A widespread warehouse network for fast delivery of spare parts
  • Supply of spare parts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Reimbursement of costs for replacement machines*

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* More information on the conditions for this programme is available from your participating Fendt dealer.

The new Fendt E-Series. Highlights.

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Cutting table


Grain tank

Threshing unit


Straw chopper

Two cutting tables for a high throughput

Whether FreeFlow or PowerFlow table – you make a good cut with both systems when it comes to uniform crop feed and a high output. Even under difficult harvesting conditions, for example, when harvesting laid crops.


All connections for the table can be coupled at once using the multicoupler.

Knife system

With 1,254 cuts per minute, the lowwear, alternately arranged blades deliver the cleanest cut

Intake auger

On the FreeFlow cutting table, the auger fingers, which are arranged over the entire width of the intake auger, ensure safe and gentle crop intake.

PowerFlow belts

The PowerFlow belts feed the crop to the intake auger uniformly, heads-first.

Rape knives

The PowerFlow table can be converted for operation in oilseed rape, quickly and easily, with the optional electric rape knives.


The comfort cab - Makes hard work a comfortable pleasure

The harvesting season demands the highest performance from both people and machines. This requires the full concentration of operators, who must be able to work together harmoniously with the machine. The new comfort cab provides plenty of space for that. The operating elements are ergonomically arranged. The generous size of the glazed areas in the cab and the large side mirrors guarantee the best visibility to the cuttting table, stubble and sides of the machine. And thanks to the multifunction lever, it is easy to control the 5225 E around the clock.

View to cutter unit – direct view

Everything in view: thanks to the best sightlines, the entire cutter unit can be seen from inside the cab.

Electrically adjustable mirror and wide-angle mirror

Large electrically adjustable, heated mirrors plus optional wide-angle mirror ensure perfect all-round visibility.

Working at night – illuminated through top light package

With the powerful light package, you can work efficiently deep into the night.

Agritronic Plus

Agritronic Plus constantly displays all of the most important machine information centrally, it provides an excellent overview.

Multifunction lever

Control the driving direction, table setting, reel setting, reel speed and pivot the grain tank unloading tube with only one hand.

Large volume grain tank, powerful drive

With 6500 litres, the grain tank of the Fendt 5225 E has one of the top capacities on the market – and therefore many benefits. Because the fewer stops you make during the harvest, the surer you can bring your valuable grain in dry. And when you finally do go to unload after a long driving time: the combine is already ready for operation after approx. 80 seconds thanks to the large-sized grain tank auger with an unloading capacity of 85 l/sec.

View into the grain tank from the driver seat

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Grain tank sample

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The threshing system - Accelerates the harvest and is gentle on the grain

Your valuable grain is in the best hands with the new generation of the Fendt 5225 E combine. Whether you are harvesting cereals, oilseed rape or maize – the large, high capacity 600-mm threshing cylinder in combination with the large concave area guarantees intensive, but gentle, threshing and separating.

High-capacity threshing cylinder

The threshing cylinder on the 5225 E has a 600 mm diameter for high inertia and performance. Eight counter-rotating threshing bars effectively separate the grain during the threshing process. Both the grain and straw are handled very gently, breakage is minimised.

Front and rear concave setting can be adjusted independently

Front perfect, the rear, too: the front and rear concave clearance can be adjusted independently and electrically. You can adapt the threshing unit to any possible harvesting conditions from the comfort of the cab.

Display of current setting

The exact concave settings are displayed to the left of the driver seat.

Straw walker steps have active rear walls

The so-called active, open rear walls of the steps further improve residual separation.

Variant sectional concave 14 and 24 mm

There are two front segments available for the quick-change sectional concave: 14 mm wire spacing for grain harvesting and 24 mm for maize harvesting.

No one cleans better

The Fendt 5225 E has one of the largest sieve areas in its class – and therefore provides maximum cleaning capacity. The sectional cleaning system, with its high dividers on the upper and lower sieves, distributes the grain-chaff mixture uniformly over the entire cleaning area, even when working in hilly terrain. Together with the targeted wind guidance in the individual cleaning sections, it enables the machine to work at maximum cleaning capacity.

Chaff spreader

Double extra: the multi-adjustable chaff spreader with twin rotor (optional)

Losses in view

The straw walker and sieve losses are displayed as two bars in the Agritronic Plus.

Clean chopper results

The new Fendt E-series is standard-equipped with a 4-row straw chopper and a total of 52 knives.

High-performance chopping

The double serrated knives with an infinitely adjustable shearbar (also serrated) have been fitted for high, uniform chopping performance. You can set the chopping length as desired and there is no more worrying about producing perfect chopping results.

Adjustable grinding floor with dimpled and smooth surface, can be adjusted in 3 positions

Precision as standard: The grinding floor with adjustable dimple plate is standard and ensures a uniform length of the chopped straw.

Switchover lever

Operators can switch quickly and easily between swathing and chopping modes, simply by moving a lever.

Electrically adjustable straw deflector

Always an option: the electrically adjustable straw deflector.

Trennlinie: Service & maintenance

The new Fendt E-Series is technically and economically convincing down the line. Their high durability, long maintenance intervals and low repair costs make these combines a sure investment for family-run farms. And therefore to a fully-fledged family member.

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