Automatically maximize profit.
From 125 – 517 hp.

Fendt 1000 Vario.
German Meisterwerk.

The new Fendt 300 Vario. Yes.

The new Fendt 700 Vario.

The perfectionist.

Fendt Katana.
The power of precision.

Fendt 1000 Vario. German Meisterwerk.

Big. Strong. Unique. A German Meisterwerk. Teamed up with leading-edge Fendt technology, a German Meisterwerk. Experience true strength, full traction, masterful controls and intelligent connectivity with the new Fendt 1000 Vario.
Fendt News

The new Fendt VarioGuide guidance system

The new function VariableRateControl (VRC)

The new 700 Vario.
The perfectionist.

Just being good is not enough. The perfect coordination of the tractor and operator produces successful results. And these are very impressive! Discover the world of our perfectionist.

Big launch of the Katana 85 in UK

On Grassland UK show in Somerset the Fendt forage havester Katana 85 was presented to the British, Scottish and Irish farmers. The first reactions? Have a look.

Fendt 1000 Vario.
German Meisterwerk.

The Fendt 1000 Vario is a completely newly developed standard high-horsepower tractor from the Fendt brand. With a new power class from 380 – 500 hp, it has been specially designed as a powerful draft tractor for the global market.

Fendt 900 Vario.
Can do more. Does it better.

With a maximum output of 390 hp, the new 900 Vario can now do more and does it a lot easier, thanks to intelligent technology. Benefit from the leading high-horsepower tractor and invest in the new Fendt 900 Vario.

Fendt front loader Cargo. The combination is unbeatable.

The Fendt front loader – Fendt Cargo – offers sophisticated technology for maximum productivity. As a reliable universal implement, it is the ideal partner for Vario tractors. All models are equipped with the unique Cargo Lock coupling system and parallel guidance with Z-kinematics. The Fendt CargoProfi has completely new features, such as a weighing system and the ability to set working range.

Fendt 500 Vario.
Formed by Ideals.

The 500 Vario brings together the best ideals in a completely new tractor series. The dimensions of the legendary 500 Favorit, paired with an award-winning design, are visible signs of the technical progress.

Fendt ISU

The Vario tractors from Fendt, featuring a continuously variable drive, are downright predestined for demanding jobs in industry, municipalities and environment.

Fendt 300 Vario.
The Original.

The Fendt 300 has been very popular for decades due to its high quality, reliability and economy. Its ease of operation and extremely low fuel consumption has convinced 300er owners around the world.

Fendt 200 Vario V/F/P.
Simply. Top notch.

Since the introduction of the 200 Vario V/F/P series, Fendt has set standards for absolute top technology in the area of specialty tractors. Experience the highest efficiency and productivity, as well as outstanding ride comfort, for wine, fruit and hops production with Fendt.

Fendt 200 Vario.
Big in operation.

The 200 Vario is convincing down the line in the compact standard tractor segment. Experience the unmatched Fendt Vario technology, now also available in the 70 to 110 hp segment, and catch the excitement of continuously variable drive technology and ingeniously easy operation.
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